Starting this blog

Hi there, as a first post on this blog, you might need to know who I am, and why do I start this blog about development and programming! Well first of all, read more about me here, also just stating that this is not my first time starting an online blog, I had couple of blogs, I closed some, sold some, and still have some, I’m not a professional writer, I wish I can improve my skills more and more regarding professional writing, but sharing experience with other professionals in the same industry would be something interesting..

In other words, this blog would be more about programming and development, tips and ideas about improving your experience, knowledge and career level. Mostly will write about my personal opinion on how to make things done, also I would love to get some feedback from you so we can discuss any related topic to build the real web experience. At the end it’s not about my way or other person’s way, it’s all about getting the right thing done on the right way at the right time

Thanks for stoping by, my name is Simo Chater and I’am very happy to have you here.