Hi there, thanks for stoping by, my name is Simo Chater, you can call me Moe as other friends prefer to call me, currently living in North Bergen, NJ.

I do web development from a long time ago, I just enjoy it, I have worked in different companies with different profiles, PHP developer, Front-End developer, Back-End Developer, and Full Stack Engineer, also I’ve worked as an online Projects Manager in a small web agency firm, which gave more opportunities to work with marketers and online sales, it was fun actually..

I’ve built couple of blogs before, I mean personal blogs, I closed some of them not because they were not doing good, simply I got busy with more things and didn’t have enough time to manage everything, well this time I’am opening this blog for documentation, even if I’m busy, it would be here for everybody who wants to learn from other professional experiences. I’m going to be sharing my personal thoughts about mobile and web development, project management and more about being well oriented person in your industry, It is  actually something based on an online developers experience, but every professional would benefit from these articles, Improving your skills to get more experience is the fact every professional looking for.

Again thanks for taking your time and reading what I write, I know I’am not the best writer over there, but I believe that everybody has a bunch of content inside him, a real experience and good ideas, all we have to do is just taking time to organize these ideas and providing this content for others in a better way.

Wanna get in touch? or you just want to say Hi, I would be very happy to hear from you.